Easy export of tasks and annotations


If you have a large project it’s recommended to use export snapshots, this easy export endpoint might have timeouts.
Export annotated tasks as a file in a specific format. For example, to export JSON annotations for a project to a file called annotations.json, run the following from the command line:

$curl -X GET https://localhost:8080/api/projects/{id}/export?exportType=JSON -H 'Authorization: Token abc123' --output 'annotations.json'

To export all tasks, including skipped tasks and others without annotations, run the following from the command line:

$curl -X GET https://localhost:8080/api/projects/{id}/export?exportType=JSON&download_all_tasks=true -H 'Authorization: Token abc123' --output 'annotations.json'

To export specific tasks with IDs of 123 and 345, run the following from the command line:

$curl -X GET https://localhost:8080/api/projects/{id}/export?ids[]=123\&ids[]=345 -H 'Authorization: Token abc123' --output 'annotations.json'

You must provide a project ID. The project ID can be found in the URL when viewing the project in Label Studio, or you can retrieve all project IDs using List all projects.

Path parameters

A unique integer value identifying this project.

Query parameters

Selected export format (JSON by default)
If true, download all tasks regardless of status. If false, download only annotated tasks.
If true, download all resource files such as images, audio, and others relevant to the tasks.
Specify a list of task IDs to retrieve only the details for those tasks.


This endpoint returns a file.
1curl -G http://localhost:8080/api/projects/0/export \
2 -H "Authorization: Token <api_key>" \
3 -d export_type=string \
4 -d download_all_tasks=string