Import StorageS3

Delete import storage


Delete a specific S3 import storage connection. You will need to provide the import storage ID. You can find this using List import storages.

Deleting a source storage connection does not affect tasks with synced data in Label Studio. The sync process is designed to import new or updated tasks from the connected storage into the project, but it does not track deletions of files from the storage. Therefore, if you remove the external storage connection, the tasks that were created from that storage will remain in the project.

If you want to remove the tasks that were synced from the external storage, you will need to delete them manually from within the Label Studio UI or use the Delete tasks API.

Path parameters

A unique integer value identifying this s3 import storage.
1curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8080/api/storages/s3/1 \
2 -H "Authorization: Token <api_key>"